November Weddings – Part 2

Obviously we suggest a harvest themed wedding, but you don’t have to do all leaves and pumpkins. There are plenty of other ideas. For example replace pumpkins and leaves with corn stalks and hay bales. Your guests would be tickled to be greeted by Scarecrows in wedding garb at the reception. For your centerpieces you can choose from fun potted plants such as chrysanthemums or large glass vases filled to the brim with apples and pears. Think outside the box a little. Blend in pops of bright colors with your typical dark colored fall staples. Chocolate, gold and magenta are a fabulous combination that is not so subtle but still falls into a more end of the year color palette.

Here at The American Wedding we have several different invitations that will help you to set the tone of your November wedding. A choice for the couple going for an all out Autumn themed wedding would be our Falling Leaves Wedding Invitations. This beautiful invitation features falling leaves on the card and comes in a rich chocolate brown wrap. Or look at our Golden Locked Wedding Invitations. This invitation is shown as purple with white but is also offered in selections of brown with white, brown with ecru, and purple with ecru.

While, what works best for one person doesn’t work for another and we understand that sometimes you have to be flexible with your dates. Having said that try your hardest not to hold your wedding right on Thanksgiving or in the couple days leading up to or after. Really it’s more of a courtesy to your vendors and your guests. This is the time of year when there are several parties and events to attend so make sure to send out those invites right on time. Also, it is a good idea to ask for a respond date of four weeks. Also, traveling can be expensive this time of year; however, if you hold the wedding close enough to a holiday you could be lucky and family could already be in town.

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