November Weddings – Part 1

November is the eleventh month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Previously in the Roman calendar this was the ninth month as novem means nine in Latin.

No matter where you are here in the states chances are your weather has at least cooled down considerably. This is the month where most of us really start to hibernate. Except of course for the occasional venture out to buy presents for upcoming holidays. This time of year is full of football, turkey and shopping. Feelings of family and comfort surround us. We start to settle in for all that late autumn and winter has to offer.

The birthstone for November is the topaz. A pure topaz is actually colorless but more often than not we find them in all different shades of color as they are tinted by impurities. You typically see them in yellow or orange color, however you can find them in a myriad of colors most cherished being opaque.Topaz is found in all types of jewelry a beautiful topaz bracelet would be a beautiful addition to your bridal jewelry.

The November birth flower is the chrysanthemum. This flower is also referred to as a mum. These flowers appear in various designs and styles, from pom-pom like to having a daisy resemblance. Beautifully used potted or carry the pom-pom design inside pom flower balls to carry.

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