Music Guide for Wedding Reception

Here are some things to consider when choosing what music you will be playing throughtout your wedding reception.

  1. Pre Announcement Tunes
    Be sure to have music playing prior to your grand entrance at the reception. Your guests will be waiting on you for a little while and you don’t want to make them sit in silence. Keep the music in with the spirit of your wedding. More formal ceremonies will call for soft, uplifting classical music. For a less formal wedding, maybe choose some peppy pop ballads.
  2. Your wedding-Your music.
    Yes, but be conscientious of others. This is your wedding and your personal style will make your wedding unique. So the kind of music you like should be echoed throughout your day. However it would be kind to have a nod to tradition here and there while staying true to your personal taste. Try to feature different types of music throughout the reception by having music that will appeal to everyone, some classics for the older crowd along with some fun pop songs for the younger guests. While this is your party and we want you to have fun keep in mind that being a good host means trying your best to make sure others are having a good time as well.
  3. Now for something a little slower
    Keep an ample amount of both fast and slow songs on your playlist. You will want to have a break here and there and don’t want to be completely worn out from boogying all night. Just the same you don’t want to be stuck waltzing all night ever getting to shake your tail-feather!
  4. Get everyone on the floor
    After a few minutes into your first dance make sure that your attendants know to join you on the dance floor. This will help the transition of everyone wondering when they should step in. Speak with your attendants before hand and let them know their cue. This will help ease your nerves and any guests who are anxiously hugging the wall.
  5. Be volume and content conscious
    While eating you don’t necessarily want blaring music. Nor do you want your favorite Metallica song urging your digestive track to hurry up. Choose more calming songs to play softly in the background. Have someone in charge of signaling your dj or designated music man to turn it down a notch if they feel things are getting a little to loud.
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