More Envelope Addressing Tips – From Wedding Aces!

One of Melissa and Kristen’s fellow Wedding Aces posted a helpful article on navigating the etiquette of addressing some of the trickier titles when addressing your wedding invitations. See some of her helpful tips below, and click the linked photo below to read the full article on the Wedding Aces site.

Excerpted from Addressing Envelopes II: Dr., Hon., …Esq.?

~ If both Jane & John Doe are doctors, address the envelope using either Drs. Jane and John Doe, or use their degree in their title as Jane Doe, M.D. and John Doe, Ph.D. (when using the second option, forgo the “Drs.” at the beginning.)

~ If John is a doctor, but Jane is not, the envelope could be addressed Dr. and Mrs. John Doe though if Jane is the doctor, it would be Dr. Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe.

~ If Jane is a lawyer, Jane Doe, Esq. is accurate, however since a wedding is a social invitation, it may be most appropriate to address the invitation more formal and less business. When in doubt, ask the guest how they prefer to be addressed.

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