Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

For years we’ve been trained to have all the bridesmaids match exactly. From there dress cut and color, to the jewelry and the shoes. But over the past decade or so, bride’s are saying goodbye to the overly matched bridesmaids and welcoming a mismatch style.

There are several different ways to incorporate the non-matching yet matching look into your wedding day style. A few different ideas on how to allow your girls more freedom in their attire include:

Same Color, Different Style:

Some brides choose to tell their girls to go with one color.  If this is the route you choose, just give each bridesmaid a swatch of the color you would like for them to wear. Then let them choose the style that flatters their figure best.

Similar Color, Same Style:

More trusting brides still yet will let you go with just a general idea like telling all of your girls to just go with “light green”. Minus the swatch however, you’ll need to trust your girls to understand what light green means to you.

Mis-Match Combination:

This is when you tell three of your girls to choose a dress in mustard and three of your girls to choose their dress in fuchsia.


Have each bridesmaid choose one of two different colors and then choose the alternating shade for a sash to wear around the waist.

If you want to play up the trend of mis-matched gowns yet want some uniformity there are more subtle ways to tie the looks together.


Give each bridesmaid the same necklace as your gift to them and ask them to wear it to the wedding.


Require each of your bridesmaids to wear the same shoes. Having each maid’s shoes in the same style and color will definitely aid to a more uniform look.


Ask your gals to wear the same hairstyle. Go over the styles with them first and ask them to help you make the decision. If your maids do not have similar hair lengths, ditch the style and go with a matching hair accessory.

Another great thing about letting all of your girls choose their own dresses is that it allows them to also choose their own budget. There will be a few things that all of you will have to agree upon. For instance you will want to be specific on the dress length and material. The longer the dress, the more formal the event is considered to be. Also you do not want some maids in satin and others in gauze the material will also play into the formality of the event.

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