Jordan Almonds

Jordan almonds are spotted in a dish at parties celebrating just about every major life event. Whether pastel pink and blue ones at a baby shower or college colors at a graduation, these are a treat most of us have come to expect at gatherings.

Weddings are no different; these confectionary treats are a staple whether it is used solely as a favor or in small packages for after dinner at each place setting.

If you choose to have Jordan almonds at your wedding, how you display them is of course entirely up to you. You can display them in bowls at the cake table. You can opt to give them as favors or after dinner treats.

These sweet treats aren’t just for munching though. We found that there is a bit of history behind these goodies. Supposedly originating from a small town in Italy, it is said that the reason for this candy coated combination is to combine both the bitterness of almonds with the sweetness of sugar. So, in theory you are taking both the bitterness and sweetness of life and blending them to form a bittersweet marriage.

An old tradition is to package them in groups of five and pass out to each guest. Each of the five almonds is said to represent something different.

We suggest including a small note explaining this legend. A good example is:

Five sugared almonds for you to eat.
To remind you that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the husband and wife .
Health, wealth, happiness, children and a long life!

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