Inviting Kids to Your Wedding – Children’s Table

If you plan on having quite a few children at your reception think about setting up a children’s table. Equip the table with fun things to keep the kiddos busy as all the grownups are partying. Some great ideas are to have cups on the table full of crayons (preferably the washable kind) and colored pencils. Use butcher block paper as a table cloth (or plain paper from a craft store) that way they can draw on the tablecloth as well. Consider drawing tic-tac-toe grids on the paper prior to decorating to help encourage creativity. For centerpieces, you can place pinwheels in your wedding colors inside coordinating plastic tumblers.

A great idea is to give them wedding day activity books. If you enjoy playing around on the computer and being a little crafty, you can make these pretty easily on your own. To do that you can go online and find plenty of websites that offer free printable pages or you can even get creative with your favorite creative software and make some of your own.

Consider making word finds and crosswords that are personally tailored to your event. Use words like bride, groom, chapel, lovebirds etc. Include easy to solve mazes and simple sudoku puzzles as well. A hot glue gun and some ribbon will work just fine to make a simple binding to hold all the fun-filled pages together! Include a blank page that can be torn out for the kids to draw a picture for you on or write you a small note. Then make a basket or brightly colored box available for them to drop the note in. These will make super sweet keepsakes for you to slip into your guest book or photo album! They’ll also come in handy for you to pull out on their wedding day years from now.

If you are not the crafty type and we know not everyone is, that’s ok, plenty of favor companies offer these books for sale pre-packaged. And most of the time they come with many boxes of crayons as well, jackpot!

A nice touch would be to include a short letter on the last page thanking your miniguest for sharing in your special day. Children love feeling like a part of something big, so be sure to let them know that they were!

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