Insomni-Bride – Part 1

Sleeping troubles are quite often triggered by stress. Unfortunately at least at some point in the wedding planning process stress makes itself present. Not only does sufficient sleep help a bride feel well and have a clear mind, it also helps her to look her best.

Stress inhibits sleep by keeping you up all night worrying about one thing or another. When lack of sleep takes you, you’ll begin to show its effects by changes in your mood, skin, and hair. You may become more grouchy and short tempered while your hair and skin may become more lackluster and dry.

Tips to a more restful night’s sleep:

Track your sleep:

Before you go to bed and first thing when you wake up, jot down the time. Then at then end of the day write down a few sentences reflecting how you felt that day. Where you exhausted all? Did it take you fifteen minutes or forty-five to fall asleep? etc. Once those two weeks are up take an average of how much sleep you got. Chances are if you are still tired you’ll need to increase your average time by an hour or two a night.

Train yourself:

The more control you have over your sleep the better. For instance if the nights that you went to bed at ten and woke at six felt the best then, try to get into that habit. Schedule your activities for the day so that you will be able to achieve your sleeping goals. Making rest a priority will make a big improvement on your waking hours as well.


Working out helps your body in so many ways, so it’s not a big surprise it helps us sleep. Because working out reduces your body’s stress it helps ease you into a slumber at night. Exercising for 30 minutes two to three times a week may drastically increase your chances for a peaceful nights sleep. Also, be sure to allow yourself adequate cooling down time after the workout. Going to bed with a racing heart will inhibit your ability to snooze.

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