Insider Scoop: Getting What You Want Out of Your Wedding Venue

Deciding on the location for your wedding is perhaps one of the most critical – and most costly – decisions you’ll make. With so many beautiful venues and charming locales, it can be easy for couples to get caught up in “wedding fever” and fall in love with a particular venue, only to find out later that the site can’t truly accommodate their event’s needs. So how can couples navigate these potential landmines and make sure their venue will provide exactly what they are looking for?

For some insider tips, I chatted with Devon Schwartz, the Social Catering Manager at Chapel Hill’s Carolina Inn, an amazing reception venue right in the heart of the beautiful, historic University of North Carolina campus.

Devon, what are the top things couples should consider when looking at wedding and reception venues?
There are so many things to consider! The biggest key is to do your research on your venue and vendors before committing to them. Check those references! I also encourage them to ask:

~ Am I comfortable with my Wedding Manager? Remember, this is the person who is going to be handling those all important details for you so you can enjoy your day!

~ Do I feel like the wedding and reception venue fit my personality and what I imagine for my dream wedding?

~ Am I confident that the wedding and reception venue can fulfill what I want? Think carefully about what your expectations are and be certain to articulate those to your vendors to eliminate unfortunate surprises.

What is the biggest mistake couples make when choosing a wedding venue?
The biggest mistake couples can make is not fully understanding what the venue can or cannot offer. Too many times I hear about people not being happy with their venue because they thought something was going to be a certain way and it didn’t happen, or they incurred an unexpected charge to make it happen. Make sure when picking a wedding and reception venue that everything is very clear. You don’t want to sign a contract without knowing that all the services you need will be provided.

What are some of your favorite trends in weddings this year?
Honestly, I love it most when couples get completely original and put their own personalities into their wedding! But I must say that anytime a wedding uses multiple textures, heights, and layers, whether with the linens or the centerpieces or the various displays, it always enhances the beauty of our ballrooms in a particularly dramatic way.

Catch up with Devon and the fabulous team at The Carolina Inn! 211 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 919-918-2708.

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