How to Enjoy a Bridal Fair, Show or Event – Part 2

The pros of attending a bridal show are:

Time Saver

It’s always best to shop around. Most of the vendors you have heard of or read about are there. This means you don’t have to call, make time set up and appointment etc. etc. Even if you are not to the point of decision making it doesn’t hurt to stop by their stand grab a pamphlet. Or just chit chat with the staff and get a feel for how the company is ran.

Free stuff!

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Whether it’s a slice of cake (walking for hours can take a lot out of you so it’s totally justifiable to stop and re-fuel) or just a free ink pen free stuff is always enjoyable.  Even, when it’s an ink pen with a photographer’s phone number, hey you probably will have a pen handy if you decide to book them. We think it’s always a great idea to take samples and try different things. You may have you heart set on a specific caterers chocolate cake until you try their carrot spice at the fair! Or you could walk away with some sample invitations, shampoo, and lip-gloss all in a canvas “bride” bag. Who knows what kind of loot you’ll get so enjoy it this is a one time thing have fun!

The cons of attending a bridal show are:

Limited time offer

Many companies will have specials during this time and tell you that if you book with them right now you can save an extra 15%. But you have to book today because this offer is only for super special people who came to the bridal fair today. While it is true that they may be offering 15% off to people whom book their service at the bridal fair, it’s probably not true that they don’t run specials other times of the year.  Just like your favorite department store has sales through-out the season so do other companies. While they may not be advertised as well, we promise you they’re happening. All you have to do is ask, most companies have some type of promotion always going on and it never hurts to just simply ask. However chances are good that you may miss out on a slightly bigger discount than normal or maybe a free give away.

Big sale

While we are definitely not saying that every company does this (because they don’t) several are guilty. Sometimes the vendors at these events can pressure you a lot. Between all the bright colors, delicious food and intoxicating floral arrangements it’s easy to get caught up in all the “stuff” and feel totally uncomfortable. Just relax remember to bring people with you whom are supportive and level-headed and whom are not going to make you feel even more pressure.

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