Honeymoon Packing Tips

Getting ready for that dream get away with your honey should be an exciting time. All the anticipation for the wedding and after should be an enjoyable thing to think about. No need to pack a bunch of extra stress by worrying about your to do list for the honeymoon; so here are some honeymoon packing tips to help you out.

  • Double check all of your luggage to be sure that it is in a clean and dry condition before packing. So many of us decide to store our suitcases and such in places that tend to get dusty and damp. So be sure to get them out a week or so early and go over them thoroughly.
  • Check out our packing list a couple weeks before the wedding and purchase any of the extras you may need them. Then stick them in a designated area near your luggage. That way it’s all there when you need it.
  • Try to pack an extra bag inside one of your bags. This way you won’t feel worried about not having the room to bring home any souvenirs you may want to purchase.
  • Make sure to place liquids inside a re-sealable bag. Things get bumped, prodded, poked etc.
  • Pack a mini lint roller and be sure to de-lint anything as best you can prior to packing.
  • Do not overstuff your bag, besides the fact that fees add up due to your bag weight, seems and zippers can burst.
  • Make sure all your clothing is clean and pressed. You don’t want to be scrambling the week of the wedding to catch up on laundry. Also, fold it up right away; laundry that’s wrinkled is hard to fold.
  • Clothes that are made of fabric that tends to wrinkle should be rolled not folded.
  • Don’t be without plastic bags to pack your dirty laundry in.
  • Place a dryer sheet or two inside your bags. Not only will it help keep your clothes smelling fresh it should help with static a bit as well.
  • Don’t forget your guidebook, map, and translator. Be sure to have at least a small map and translator in your carry on just in case luggage gets delayed or lost. Even go ahead and pack a couple non-perishable snacks in your carry on, along with one change of clothes and a bottle or two of water, just in case.




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