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There are so many choices out there for your honeymoon. Deciding where you would like to go and what all activities you would like to participate in can turn into a stressful task. So before you become too overwhelmed with your decision making process, we thought we would bring to light a different type of honeymoon.

The volunteer honeymoon!

This honeymoon is ideal for the couple who doesn’t think of relaxing on the beach or scaling mountain-sides as a good time (or at least not for the entire vacation). This is the honeymoon for the couple that gave money to a charity as a favor instead of shot-glasses. Or the couple who planted a tree instead of lighting a unity candle.

A volunteer honeymoon is a terrific choice for the couple who is always willing to give, and for the couple who just can’t seem to sit still. The benefits of lending your time and energy to a worthy cause are abundant not to mention how good helping someone else can make you feel.

This is also a great chance for the two of you to come together and work toward a common goal that is near to both of your hearts. You are going to be partners for the rest of your lives and will have many challenges to face together. So hey, you might as well get some practice first thing.

A big perk is that if you choose to volunteer in a city or country that is foreign to you, you are also able to see different parts of the area than you typically would. Many times when we vacation somewhere we are shuttled from the airport to the hotel, then to each major attraction and we loose sight of the reality of where we are. Taking in all the beauty of a place is fun and exciting; however, taking a look at an area’s needs is a humbling and beautiful experience of its own.

Understand that giving of yourselves doesn’t mean not giving money. So be sure to understand the costs of your good deed. Depending on what tasks you are taking on your fees can range wildly from one extreme to the next. Many volunteer programs do not cover your travel expenses or your hotel accommodations. So be sure to have those expenses accounted for. There are also some programs that you must pay to be a part of.

Time is not always on your side so check into your program of choices’ time frame. Depending on the project at hand you may have to commit for as little as three days to as many as four weeks. So always plan ahead and write down your itinerary. Research thoroughly all of your volunteer options and work on choosing a task that you will not have trouble doing either physically (hauling logs out of a field) or mentally (looking into the eyes of people whom have lost everything in a natural disaster)

As with anything else planning is half of your battle. So be sure to check ahead into what options are available and then sit down with your fiancé and decide what type of volunteer work you would like to do. And as always we encourage you to triple check your list before setting out on your philanthropic adventure


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