Guests that Keep on Giving

It seems like once you announce that you are getting married, friends and family come out of the woodwork offering up advice and their services. This is a wonderful but hectic time in your life so, yes you do need all the help you can get. However, you may be wondering if you can really use all the people volunteering and worry that feelings may be hurt. Fear not, as there are plenty of different ways you can incorporate those close to you, even if they didn’t make the bridesmaid or groomsmen list. So below we’ve compiled a list of helpers that you may have not thought of.

Ushers – Typically thought of as a job that men take on, they are certainly no hard and fast rules that say it must be this way. This job requires a lot of walking around so consider asking a younger family member. Say your 14 yr old cousin who is just dying to dress up and be part of your day.

Decorators – Not everyone will have a wedding planner with a 20 person decorating crew. So appoint some of your most reliable and more seasoned friends and relatives to help decorate. Be sure to discuss with them before hand how you want things to look. Trust us, the more weddings they’ve been to the more they know. So go ahead and let your great aunt Louise direct everyone. Chances are she has stories that involve twinkle light cords and wedding dancers.

Honored Elders –  Honor your older VIP’s by seating them close to the front and pinning them with a corsage. After all if it weren’t for the love and guidance of your grandparents you would not be where you are now.

Present Director – When guests arrive at the reception site they are always looking for where to put their gift. Have someone appointed to directing the guests to the gift table. They can help arrange things for easy maneuvering and fitting also and help you to load them when it’s time to leave.

Guest Book Guardian – It’s important to have someone stand near the guest book and remind your loved ones to "sign in". This person will also serve as somewhat of a hostess or guide to the reception. Chances are good that most of the guests will ask him or her where things are and when things are beginning so make sure your guest book guardian is familiar with the location.

Readers -You’ll probably want to have a reading or two performed at your ceremony. Consider asking a good friend or relative to read aloud for you. Those whom love to be in front of a crowd will take this task quite seriously. Be sure not to choose a crier though or you may never get to the vows.

Signatures – Typically your maid of honor and best man sign the legal wedding certificate however, it is a nice gesture to have other important guests sign the "pretty one" Asking older relatives to sign this important document is a lovely way to honor them. This way you will have their signatures saved on a document that is dear to you for years to come.

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