Grooms Cakes

An older tradition that is making a huge comeback is the groom’s cake. These cakes are a tradition stemming from the southern United States.

Typically this cake is placed next to the bride’s cake and later on in the evening the cake is often cut into individual pieces and placed into boxes. According to legend, it is customary for single women to take a piece home and place it under their pillow. At night the woman will supposedly dream of the man she will someday marry. A cute idea if you choose to box up the slices would be to include a small tag tied to the box explaining the tradition.

Your hubby to be will be excited to know that this is crafted after his personal taste. Not just flavor but for design as well. Usually seen as a smaller cake decorated to fit the groom’s personality, grooms cakes are often spotted as footballs, sea bass, and pool tables.

Pacman Groom's Cake

Grooms Cake with Tuxedo Strawberries

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