Four Legged Friends at Wedding – Part 2

After you have answered the previous questions and decided that your pet will fit the bill, you will need to decide how you would like to incorporate your friend into the wedding. A few ideas would include:

  • Have your pet walked down the aisle as a ring bearer or flower (dog).
  • Have your pet walked down with the bride as she is given away
  • Have your pet meet you at the altar for the procession.

Lastly keep in mind that weddings are unpredictable and adding an animal in the mix may possibly add to that. So, please try to:

  1. Be flexible- Fido may just simply refuse to be walked down the aisle. Which means Uncle Gary will have to do that himself or you may need a back up ring bearer.
  2. Inform your attendants and officiants. They could be allergic and may need to take precautions.
  3. If your pet will be wearing (carrying) any flowers be sure to let the florist know so that all materials are non-toxic.
  4. Practice a lot, almost like training them for their role so that your pet doesn’t feel confused or overwhelmed on the big day.
  5. Be sure to groom your pet a few weeks before so that she to is looking her best.
  6. Do not leave your pet to wander around on his or her own have someone in charge of your pet.
  7. Pay extra mind to keep chocolate, alcohol up and out of reach.

Wit a lot of careful planning and attention to detail you should be able to have your pet be a part of your wedding pretty flawlessly. (Hey, they are animals.) To have your most beloved friends and family surrounding you and wishing you the best will certainly in making this one of the most special days of your life.

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