Four Legged Friends at Wedding – Part 1

Many of us a have a special friend in our life that has stuck by us through relationships and heartache. Sometimes this special friend comes in a furry coat and has four legs! So many brides and grooms find themselves wondering what, if any, way can they show their love for such a dear friend at their wedding. It is understandable to everyone that you want to be surrounded by your most loved friends and family on your special day, and for a lot of people a dear member of the family is that of a pet.

To help you decide if you would like your furry companion at the wedding or reception consider the following:

  • What type of temperament does your pet have?
  • If the pet will be at the reception, is this a pet who may beg at the table steal food from guests?
  • Is this a pet whom doesn’t seem to mind large crowds? Not to mention that this large crowd is full of strangers.
  • How well does this pup obey commands?
  • Will he obey the person placed in charge of him?
  • Does your pet make a lot of noise? i.e. barking, squawking
  • Does your pet have a lot of wandering off experience in his past?
  • Check with the owners of the venue as well. Most likely and outdoor venue will be fine but a luxurious hotel? Maybe not.

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