Favorite Winter Wedding Favors – Part 1

Winter weddings are a great excuse to squeeze in even more time with your loved ones. This time of year, every kind of love and goodwill is all around you. During this time you are given a multitude of décor choices and several varying menu options. Along with those choices you are also presented with favor options that just wouldn’t work any other time of the year.

Here’s information on our favorite winter favors.

Hot Cocoa

You can purchase boxes of hot chocolate mix very inexpensively or buy the ingredients to make your own. Then, take plastic cone bags and fill them full of the mix. Top the bag off with several miniature marshmallows. Be sure to tie on both a candy cane stir and a small paper tag with directions on how to make the perfect cup of cocoa. If you would rather not DIY this favor, there are several companies who sell cocoa pre-packaged may even come decorated with things like cute little snowflake stickers.

Gingerbread Cookies

They are like the winter time cookie indulgence! The choice is yours whether you want to pick them up pre-made at a local factory or get some of the family involved to whip up grandmas recipe. These delicious treats do not have to be cut in the shapes of men. However, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to pipe on a little icing to make them appear as little brides and grooms! Stack a few together and place them in a cellophane bag. Be sure to tie them off with a ribbon in your wedding colors and as always tag them with your names and date or signature monogram.

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