Fall Wedding Planning

Statistics show that the fall is actually the most popular time of the year to have a wedding. This is contrary to popular belief that summer is. With that said, you certainly do not want your autumn wedding to blend in with all of the other autumn weddings; you want yours to stand out and make a statement.

Color schemes:

Gone are the days where fall weddings mean orange and black or orange and deep brown. Consider selecting rich yellows and pairing it with deep hunter greens. Or opt to choose a deep merlot and pair it with a warm shade of ivory. The pairing of navy blue with gold is beautiful. If your heart says you want to select a shade of brown scrap the gold and select a coffee with cream color.


We promise that you do not have to go with pumpkins and fall leaves. Fall is the season where we are blessed with so many different colors, and gifts from nature. All of which are quite beautiful; when you think about it, you may have trouble choosing just one. This is the time of the year when apples come falling off the trees. Apples come in a wide variety of shades from reds to yellows and greens. You can also choose different types of flowers such as the popular fall flower chrysanthemums which are blooming abundantly at this time of the year. Pine cones and acorns are also abundant in the fall. They can be dusted with gold glitter placed in a glass bowl and used as a centerpiece. Not to mention cornstalks place at the end of each aisle and hay bales from seating to minis used as place card holders!


As always you’ll want to select wedding invitations that give the guests an idea of the style of wedding you are hosting. With that come decisions on the color, typestyle and wording for the cards as well. Couples who choose to venture away from the standard invitation wording can find a variety of ways to incorporate the fall theme into their invitation wording instead of or along with a themed invitation. One of our favorite ways to incorporate a nature theme is to start with: “To everything there is a season, a time, and a purpose…” Follow this with the rest of your wording, leading into the bride’s full name.


Just because you are marrying in the fall does not mean that you must dress everyone in thick bulky clothing. The fall can still have its hot summer-like days depending on the part of fall you choose and your location.  However you should shy away from fabrics that certainly scream summer (think loose knit cotton and gauze). Opt to dress your gals in a lightweight silk and purchase shawls to wear along with them to keep the chill off.  For the gentleman, you can still display that stylish no jacket look, just keep their shirts in a nice warm cotton and don’t forget to skimp on the sandals for either side and go with completely covered feet.

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