Fall Wedding Favors – Suggestions

The idea of having a fall wedding is always appealing. This time of year, the leaves are changing, the air is cooling, and love is in the air. There are several different design styles to choose from that allow the décor to change and evolve along with the foliage. Here’s information on our favorite autumn favors.

Caramel Apples – A Traditional fall treat caramel apples help you say goodbye to summer and hello to fall where the apples are abundant. Dress them up with chocolate, nuts and candies. Or keep them simple and traditional with just caramel, some with nuts and of course some without. Wrapped in clear cellophane and tied off with ribbon in your color palette, these treats will look terrific on a table near the exit. 

Apple Cider – Apple cider is the perfect autumn beverage. You may choose to purchase packages pre-made or make your own. The decision is up to you; consider your time frame, DIY skills and your budget. Keep the packaging cute and be sure to have it reflect what is inside. Cute maple leave stickers and labels with phrases such as “Falling for You!” adorning the package will make the look complete. Packages displayed at each place setting will be perfect.

Pumpkin Scented Soap – Soaps are often a favor staple. Purchase theme in maple leaf or acorn shapes and package a few of them together in a pretty sheer sachet. Selecting a pumpkin and cinnamon scent is sure to make you think of the fall. Depending on the strength of the scent you may set them at each place setting or choose to display them at the door for guests to take as the leave.

Sunflower Seeds -Whether you would like to pass them out to eat or to plant there are more options than you thought for sunflower seeds. They even come candy coated in whichever colors you choose. Or leave them in the shell and uncoated packaged in small burlap bags and tied off with twine; they will certainly aid in giving a more rustic and country feel to your wedding day.

Apple Butter – This quintessential autumn treat would make an outstanding favor.  Again you can choose to make your own and assemble the packages yourself or purchase the tiny jars pre-made. Cover the lids with a swatch of fabric and tie off with a bow. Have your caterers pass them around on trays toward the end of the night. This way your guests can choose from the different lid designs.

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