Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

Traditionally when you think of an engagement ring you think of a large solitary diamond on a band. But that’s not the go to choice for many couples anymore. Some couples choose simply a favorite gem or birthstone while others go more eco-conscious and select something different.

With the emergence of eco-friendly jewelers and the recent rebirth of the DIY attitude your world of ring choices is opening all around.

Recycled Metal:

When metal is recycled it is melted down from its original state and made into a new item. Many couples ask family members and friends for scrap pieces of jewelry to have melted down and then have it made into their wedding rings. This is yet another way to make your wedding rings uniquely yours.

But, if you don’t have the time or money to do such, you will certainly not have any trouble finding a jeweler who sells recycled gold. These rings can be just as extraordinarily beautiful the second time around. With your selection being virtually endless, it’s hard to not take this option into consideration.

Not to mention all of the other advantages. Recycled rings tend to be better for the environment and better for your pocketbook. A great place to start looking for these rings is Etsy, which is a website that hosts small businesses that display their products for sale. The nice thing about their site is that all products must either be handmade or vintage in order to be sold on the site, which is another way to offer a bit of a personal touch to your rings.

Blood Diamonds:

Many couples are also concentrating on purchasing diamonds from conflict free areas.

Unfortunately about two thirds of the worlds diamonds are purchased from areas of the world that are in constant chaos due to civil wars. The money that comes from purchasing the diamonds is often said to aid to insurgents in these areas.

You can even ask your jeweler if they have a certificate of authenticity that your diamonds are “certified conflict-free”. Both BrilliantEarth and James Allen sell certifiable conflict-free diamonds. A quick Google search will reveal multiple jeweler choices for you to browse.

Whether you choose to go a little more off the beaten path or not, we think it’s important that you look into all of your ring options out there. Whether it is recycled, conflict-free or just a ruby in lieu of a diamond, make sure you take a good look around and choose what is right for you.

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