Doughnuts – A New Wedding Reception Treat

These yummy confections aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Couples everywhere are serving doughnuts in a multitude of different ways at their wedding receptions. Really,  it’s a great idea when you think about it. One of the things that appeals to people the most about these sweet treats is the fact that their flavors and decorations can be personalized exactly to your taste. They can be molded and shaped, filled, glazed, iced, sprinkled the list goes on and on. These yummies also make it easy to cure everyone’s sweet tooth, because you can provide a selection of flavors to choose from. The flavors are endless and range from simple glazed to decadent triple chocolate varieties.

Some popular ways to incorporate doughnuts at your wedding reception are:

At the receptions dessert table, they make a perfect addition. With more and more couples opting to nix the traditional wedding cake altogether, many choose to host a dessert table. These tables typically feature a multiple number of sweets ranging from cakes, pies, cookies and yes doughnuts!

At brunch receptions, they are a practical and sweet alternative to cake or use them as an addition to the cake. Think about serving lemon custard filled ones with a variety of imported coffees. Or for the more daring couple why not serve some with maple glaze and crumbled bacon!

As favors, your guests can take home a half dozen box filled with your personal favorite. Or maybe put one in a cake box and place a sticker adorned with your names and date on the top. Have someone pass these out to the guests at the end of the night as guests are leaving. Or place them in rows on a table near the door for guests to pick up as they exit. Don’t be surprised if many guests don’t want to wait until morning, you may catch guests tearing into the packages as soon as they’re heading toward the car! For those die-hard Simpsons fans, pink doughnuts with sprinkles are a must. Be sure to tie a tag on with the famous Homer Simpson phrase “Mmmm donut.”

For all of the party animal couples out there, you’ll need to think about supplying additional sustenance. So why not have waiters walk around with trays of donuts and glasses of cold milk. Or host a coffee bar and serve doughnuts on the end of the bar. You’ll be sure to re-energize your partying guests with sugar and caffeine.

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