December Wedding – Part 1

December is the last month of the year and also the coldest month for those of us here in the northern hemisphere. In latin decem means ten as usually the appearance of this month changed from month ten to month twelve. It had been previously the tenth month in the Roman calendar.

This time of the year for most of us is full of beautiful scenery and merriment. The amount of cheer and goodwill are vast and it often seems as though we’re all in a good mood. Your guests are sure to be excited of the upcoming holidays and your nuptials will surely just add to the joy of the season. Look out for some venues to have higher expenses as this is a popular time of year to rent banquet halls for holiday parties. You may not be able to use this month to your off-season advantage.

Your December wedding invitation options are vast here at The American Wedding. Take a look at our Winter Berry Wedding Invitations. This white vellum card features snow covered trees and berries. For a more contemporary design and color choose our Snowflake Wedding Invitation. This card is featured in blue; sold with a white satin ribbon that you tie around this card is sure to wow your guests.

Birth stone is reported as being the blue turquoise. The blue turquoise is a very popular gem and is used quite often in ornamental pieces. The truest and most valued turquoise is more a blue color than green. You should have no trouble at all finding a multitude of items with this stone. Bracelets and rings are probably the most popular pieces of jewelry with this stone. A turquoise ring could double as both a beautiful piece of jewelry and your something blue!

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