Create Your Own Wedding Newsletter

You’ve got your ring, selected your bridesmaids, and now you are ready to start getting stuff done! It’s time to start assigning your bridesmaids with their duties. No, you don’t want to be a dictator but, naturally you would like some help.

All of your gals are most likely eager and ready to help you in any way they can. For the most part you girls are probably wondering what they need to be doing. While even your most thoughtful friend is not going to know exactly what you need and when you need it. So consider trying out the latest new thing in keeping your maids informed. The wedding newsletter!

Create your newsletter to keep all of your wedding party informed. Outline in detail a time frame and explain everyone’s duties. This way you will not have to worry about anyone stepping on anyone else’s toes and or anyone slacking. It also helps keep everyone informed and to know what is expected of them. A common complaint from bridesmaids is that they would have done more had they known what needed done.

If you have any maids who for whatever reason can not lend as much time to the event as others, this gives them a way to speak with you directly about it. By replying to your email or calling you on the phone after receiving the itinerary she can explain to you her situation without airing it in front of all the other ladies.

The main things you need to inform your ladies of are important dates, and tasks. So be sure to point those out on your timeline.

For example mark June 10th as the date you would like your maids to come over for wine, cheese, and envelope addressing. Then mark the 12th as the date all invites must go out! Giving your girls a clear itinerary will help to open up their schedule as well. This way once they receive their information they can sort of R.S.V.P. to you and let you know what they can attend and what if any conflicts they may have with some events.

Also, each gal will want to know exactly what her duties are. So list each maid and what you expect that person to help you with out to the side.


8th – Bridesmaid dress appointments-Lillians – Noon
23rd – Purchasing extras for invitations-Michaels – 2:00
29th – Bridal Tea-Honeywell Center – 11:30

Brittany E.-Bridesmaid
-Go bridesmaid dress shopping
-Go with me to Michael’s to pick up ribbon
-Borrow her hubby’s truck to haul rental tent

You do not have to be a whiz with publisher to make a newsletter. A simple word document will suffice. Or  visit Google docs, which is  a great place to visit for inspiration. So sit down with a day planner, and start ironing things out. When you are ready to send out your newsletter, send it how you choose. Whether that be via mail, email, or by hand. If corrections and changes arise no big deal, just phone them in. Your friends will just be happy enough to know they don’t have to become mind readers in order to be helpful.

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