Cool Wedding Dates

Looking for a little extra luck on your wedding day? Want a wedding date that your guests just can’t help but remember? While it will be hard to beat the overwhelming popularity of the lucky 7-7-07 wedding date, 2010 does bring the opportunity for a Sunday wedding on 10-10-10. Not too shabby!

And, if you are planning well in advance – Saturday, September 10th, of next year offers a cool “count down” date of 9-10-11. Have any other ideas? Please share!

One tip for those of you seeking cool wedding dates – you may want to consider booking your vendors extra early since these dates fill up fast!

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One thought on “Cool Wedding Dates

  1. Amberdawn

    I know a few brides opting for 10-10-10. I can’t think of a fun one for summer of ‘11, unfortunately. I’d love an easy to remember number since I have trouble with numbers. Best I can hope for is 8/15, which isn’t catchy, but it’s the day Adam proposed.


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