Cookie Buffet – Part 2

Recruit your friends and family. Remember right after the engagement when many people offered “To help any way I can” this is their time to shine! You can ask them to whip up a couple dozen batches, store some frozen ones or help bake them the night before the wedding.

Just like you would label each jar of candy at a candy buffet, you’ll want to label each vessel of cookies. Be careful in letting your guests know the contents of the cookies. Nut allergies are serious and you should warn your guests if there are cookies being served that contain nuts. Your best option is probably just to forgo any cookies that contain them all together. It’s also a nice gesture if you can, to supply cookies that are lactose or gluten-free.

Also be sure to make a small sign letting your guests know what this is and what they are expected to do. Never forget to take the time and make your instructions cute. After all this is your wedding. Try something like: “Please help yourself to a few cookies to take home and eat. We appreciate your being here and making our day extra sweet!”

What you choose to display your cookies in should continue to reflect the tone of your wedding. Be sure to have tongs on hand so that the guests are not tempted to place their hands inside the containers.

Several cookie holder ideas are:

  • Vintage cookie jars
  • Clear glass canisters
  • Baskets
  • Different size galvanized pails (check for food safety!)
  • Old tea tins
  • Pretty tea trays

Have on display containers for the guests to take the cookies home in. Whether they be paper bags, take out boxes, or cake boxes the possibilities are endless.

Lastly, if you really want to send your guests over the moon you could send them off with mini glass bottles of milk. Again if you choose to go this route, give your guests options. Skim, Whole and Lactose-Free should be enough choices.

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