Cookie Buffet – Part 1

The newest sweet treat buffet to emerge into wedding receptions is the cookie buffet. Near the same idea as the candy buffet, the cookie buffet offers guests the option to peruse some different sweet treats to take home with them.

This idea is also very budget friendly. You can make the cookies yourself instead of choosing to purchase them. Many cookies are fairly inexpensive to make. You can also make many different cookies using the same base ingredients and just changing a few of the "extras" in them. Be sure to realistically think about how many you will need to make. For typical sized cookies 2-3 per guest is a good choice. You decide to increase or decrease depending on the cookie size you wish to make and your budget. For 150 guests 3 cookies a piece is 450 cookies. That’s roughly 38 dozen!

If the idea of making several dozen cookies seems daunting, we have a few tips for you.

First of all make a lot of the dough up ahead of time. And only choose a few varieties five or six different flavors is plenty. Cookie dough can be stored in the freezer for nearly eight weeks or more! You can make several batches of cookie dough ahead of time and form it into logs wrapped in parchment paper. Or purchase freezable zip log bags.

Your best bet for a time saver is to make "drop cookie" dough. Drop cookie dough basically means that there isn’t any rolling or cutting that must be done to the cookies themselves. You just "drop" a blob of dough onto the sheet and while baking it spreads out. We aren’t saying that you might not want to do one or two cookie logs, as they can easily be sliced and baked. However, you definitely don’t want to have the task of rolling out every batch of cookie dough.

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