Concealer Tips and Tricks

Even if you are not a bride who typically wears make up, there are just a few things you should know. One of them is how to properly choose and apply a concealer. When it comes to concealing blemishes, concealer is something you just can not afford to not know how to use. Your wedding day look won’t be so beautiful if you have raccoon eyes peeking out or a bright red blemish that of course made its debut last night.

Even for those lucky brides who need little to no correction, on the big day even the tiniest flaw may seem monumental. As most of us have a slight discoloration under our eyes. It makes sense some of the thinnest skin we have on our body is located on this area. Also look out for any type of bruising or discoloration on your neck shoulders and arms (if they are out in the open) and cover those up.

When selecting your concealer, choose one that is not too runny or greasy. As always you want to avoid purchasing any make up that is oily. Choose smooth and creamy textures those runny and oily concealers will not help you at all and may actually work against you. Stay away from ones that are overly dry as well, you don’t want to risk having a concealer that tends to flake off.

Always buy a concealer that is one to two shades darker than your skin tone. Choose ones with a yellowy base not white. White bases can practically cause those blemishes to glow rather than to blend in.

For under eye circles choose a creamy yellow based concealer and dab not rub on the under part of your eye also along the inside near your tear duct.  There are even products on the market that are sold in a light shade of yellow only. These are used prior to your regular concealer and are for those whom have extreme dark under eye circles. If this is the case after using the yellow cream, dab on a concealer that is actually one shade lighter than your normal skin tone. (We know you always hear one shade darker, but if the skin is already extremely dark you want to contrast in order to blend.) Then you will want to set with powder. Loose powder used with a large brush is your best bet here. The powder will keep the concealer in place. You may need to repeat this application more than once in order to achieve your preferred tone.

For red spots such as pimples, start off by selecting a concealer one shade darker than your natural skin tone. For blemishes that are very dark use a shade slightly lighter than your normal skin tone. After applying the concealer, always be sure to set with powder as well. Repeat until desired look has been achieved. Don’t go too overboard if it doesn’t completely disappear that’s ok. But you definitely don’t want people to notice a giant spot of dark concealer either.

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