Choosing Your Wedding Gift – Importance of Registries

When giving a gift you want to make sure that it is something the recipient will enjoy. For that reason, wedding registries are pretty important. Your guests will no doubt love to aid in making your new house, a home. The registry will serve as a guide for them in finding the perfect gift for you.

First of all think about how you’ve always envisioned your dream home. Have you and your hubby to be discussed this yet? Make sure your individual styles will mesh well. Hash out major differences in accordance to the style or tone you wish to set. Begin working on the registry at home by sitting down with your guy and discussing what you each like. Make a small mock up list of things that you need and then, yes, follow up with what you want!

Head out to registry-land early, some people will start perusing your registry list the minute the save the date hits their mailbox. Be sure that you both go to the store. After all, this wedding is for both of you. Plus when faced with a toss up between champagne or taupe bath towels, you have a tie breaker!

Don’t go overboard with all the cutesy kitchen novelties. Yes, go for the retro green stand up mixer but, nix the mock street cart hot dog roaster. Sure it’s cute but, how often do you make a two dozen dogs for lunch?

Make sure you are price conscious. Your twenty year old co-ed cousin does not have the same budget as great aunt Tilly. Select items in typical 25 dollar increments: $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 etc.

If you are choosing to go with more than one registry you absolutely have to cross- reference them. Especially if both stores carry similar products, you may end up with the same blender: one from Macys and the other from Kohls! Be sure to go with companies who provide access to the registry online. It’s easy for your guests to check out and for you to peek at as well. Plus it’s a lot fun to watch items slowly drop off the list, and it provides you time to add on more items.

Per etiquette, the best way to let your guests know of your wedding registry is by word of mouth. However for most couples it can’t be guaranteed that everyone invited will get the message or worse yet get all the information correct. A great idea is to put your registry information on your wedding website. It’s easy and convenient especially if you have a link straight from the site. It will take you straight over to the company’s website. Your best bet is to put a line at the bottom of your save the date to visit your website for more details. If you want, you can include that small paper the store gives you with your save the date. This is a good option for guests who do not have access to the internet or would just prefer going to the store. Pretty much though the registry stationery should stop there.

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