Chalkboards – Part 1

Chalkboards are definitely a huge trend right now. They are a totally unique way to tell your guests just about anything you would like for them to know. They can be used for a variety of different things at the wedding from just a cute decoration, a source for information or to tie together a theme, such as a vintage schoolhouse style.

  • Seating Charts: From displaying the seating chart to table numbers or names.
    Purchase small 4×6 sized chalkboards and mark them with the table name or number. Lean them against the centerpiece or prop them up on a small wooden easel for even more of an artsy look.

  • Directions: Let the guests know where the ceremony is or the bar.
    Use arrow shaped chalk boards on large yard stakes to direct your guests to the appropriate places for dinner and dancing. Mark one that leads to “Marriage” and one that leads to “Merriment”! Stick them in the ground or a large potted plant. Or if you are hosting your event where there is a lot going on make several to direct guests to all the sites. Set them up on a pole like at camp and say goodbye to all the “Where is the photo booth…?” questions.

  • Signs also to welcome guests or bid them farewell: These will be the first and or last things for your guests to see.
    Set up large chalk board signs welcoming your guests. Draw silhouettes of yourselves using the chalkboard kissing or something equally as charming.
    Or you can set up one thanking the guests for joining you on this special day. Some couples have even had extra large boards displayed for guests to sign and then taken them home to be displayed on a wall at their house – kind of like a guest book.

  • Detailing the menu: Save paper with a chalkboard menu.
    List all of your entrée choices on the chalkboard. List the drinks provided or choices as well and if possible give a brief description of the meals. Start it off stating entrées along with a list of available sides and breads in order like you would see on a menu board at a deli.

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