Carnival Themed Wedding – Part 1

Maybe it’s because we are located in Circus City USA but, we just can’t help but think that “carnival” themed weddings are a totally cute idea for those wanting to run wild with a theme wedding.


Your color choices depend on a couple of things. Decide first whether or not you are going for a more vintage look of the old overgrown fairgrounds? Keeping things in a rustic and weathered color palette would be the key in such a case. Burnt oranges, beiges and rust reds would sum up your dream colors. Or are you choosing to showcase a brilliantly vibrant carnival from now? If so, super bright primary colors including bright reds yellows and blues would be a bold way of letting your guests now they are in for the greatest wedding on earth.


We’ve said it before, the invitation is what clues your guests in on the type of wedding that is going to take place. The wedding invitation represents the theme, style and color palette. The wording as well will tip them off as to how formal the event. Our Circles and Flowers Wedding Invitations are a modern and fresh take on a single panel card. The design includes retro brown circles highlighted in your choice of four different colors. Dare we say those circles look a bit like whimsical wagon wheels? Or opt for the Modern Swirled Heart Wedding Invitations. They are shown with free form flowers and hearts. The best part? You can choose any ink color your heart desires!  


Throw out your rule book for this one. Maybe you want to forget the theme when it comes to attire, or choose to wear a mini dress styled to look a little bit like a trapeze costume. Or dive right in and wear a trapeze performer costume. What about a semi-traditional gown in a vibrant color? White gowns with vibrant crinolines are popular as well. For the groom why not dress him as a ringmaster? Your maids and men should compliment your theme as well. Decked out sequin mini dresses for the girls sounds top notch and for the guys we like sleek dress shirts and pants throw out the tie and add suspenders.

Bouquets and Arrangements

Do we really have to even mention that candy bouquets would be awesome here? Or maybe do faux feather flowers kind of like the ones you see with magic tricks. We’ve mentioned before the use of vintage buttons sewn with felt onto stems and this non-traditional choice would certainly offer the customization in color and shape that you would want for a carnival wedding. Or consider carrying several balloons, while definitely non-traditional it would be sure to make a bold statement. Bunches of wildflowers would also be a great choice for a carnival wedding. As carnivals are typically traveling all over the country, it would make perfect sense that a carnival wedding would incorporate the use of local blooms.

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