Brunch – Newer Wedding Trend – Part 2

When it comes to where you will be hosting the brunch, the possibilities are limitless. Think about how formal or informal you want the brunch to be. Think about your favorite local place. That way you can send your guests off with a taste of your home. Always check with the location first and make any type of reservations that the restaurant determines necessary. Some locations may be known for their brunch so check with the managers first. Or host the event in your own backyard this will also give you a chance to show your out of town guests your place for those whom haven’t seen it or will not for a long time to come.

Timing will play an important role in your wedding brunch as well. Keep in mind that many of your guests will need to check out of their hotel and will need ample time to get back from eating to do so. Or host a late brunch so that guests make check out just before eating then they can hit the road right away. There are fees and penalties for failing to check out on time so be mindful of check out times.

Getting the word out with plenty of time will be crucial to whether or not your guests can attend the extended festivities. Send an extra card with the invitation to the guests whom are invited to the brunch. Here at The American Wedding you can purchase a multi-purpose card that matches your wedding invitation and include the information on it. Or visit our sister company American Stationery and select something from their wedding party section. All wording can be edited to fit your needs. Then, send the cards out a week after you send the invitations.

For the post-wedding brunch, you won’t find any hard and fast rules. This is an extra party not a mandatory event, so you can pretty much make up your own rules.


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