Brunch – Newer Wedding Trend – Part 1

Weddings seem to be turning into multiple day events rather than just the one big day. While you certainly don’t have to follow every new trend and host every extra party idea, we thought we’d share with you a new trend.

That is the next day brunch! If you aren’t leaving until later the next day, or maybe even not for another week, why not extend your wedding day celebrations! This is also a terrific idea for the wedding that has a lot of out of town guests. Or what about the bride and groom who want their wedding to last all weekend, maybe on a holiday weekend?

This is a great way to give out your final goodbyes to your guests, particularly those whom have come from far away to share in this event with you. Although that is not to say that you can’t invite guests who even live just down the road. Immediate family would also make prime candidates for this.

The hosts for this event are typically the newly married couple. If footing the bill for this would prove to be much too big of a burden consider speaking with both sets of parents about joining together to co-host. Perhaps the maid of honor would be thrilled to host such an event even in her own backyard?


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