Bridal Party Choice

Selecting your wedding support group at first glance seems like an easy enough decision as you sit back and daydream about your closest friends gathered with you at the altar draped in Vera Wang from head to toe all smiles. But, reality will eventually come in to play and when that happens there are a few things you should think about when choosing your bridal party:


Step one is to determine how many people you would like in your bridal party. Don’t become overwhelmed by making yourself feel like you have to include everyone. Your friends and family will understand that everyone cannot be the maid of honor. Typically the more formal the event the more people you have stand with you. So, if this is a casual wedding use that reasoning as an excuse for only asking two of your friends to serve as attendants. If you need help deciding on a number, ask your groom how many guys he plans on surrounding himself with. Then you can just match your attendants. i.e. four groomsmen and one best man equal four bridesmaids and one maid of honor. And remember, the larger the bridal party, the larger the problems– from agreeing on a bridesmaid gown price and beyond.


Sit down and think, who is really going to be there for you? Who is going to be ready to take you to get coffee when the seating arrangement book is haunting you in your sleep or ready to tie 150 tiny bows at eleven o’clock at night. It’s certainly not kind to overwhelm your attendants but, you want to make sure they are actually going to be helpful in your process. We’ve all heard horror stories about bridesmaids refusing to wear the gown you’ve chosen or never showing up for a fitting. Give a lot of thought to who has always been there for you in good times and in high stress times as well.

Skip Tradition

Today, more brides and grooms too, are opting to have members of the opposite sex stand up with them. If your best friend is a man there is no reason that he should not be able to support you on such an important day. Women can have brides-men on their side and men can have grooms-women. Or you can just skip the gender based terminology and call them attendants.

Be Understanding

It is possible that not all of your attendants will be able to purchase that super-expensive bridesmaid gown you’ve been checking out. Although yes, this is your day be sure to pay some consideration to everyone’s financial situation. And look into a just as beautiful but less-expensive option certainly everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness. If you just can’t imagine your wedding without her or that gown, remember that in that case you will be the one footing the bill which, could put a damper on your wedding budget.

This is going to be a big day in your life be sure to surround yourself with loved ones who will respect you and support you during this incredible journey.

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