Bridal Luncheon Tips – Part 2


We mentioned a sushi restaurant before, but anywhere you love would be fine: a hotel dining room, your favorite bistro, or your grandmothers house. Whenever you are planning any type of get together you want to keep your style and theme in mind. For a casual fruit kabob and lemonade lunch, Grandmas wrap around porch on the outskirts of town is perfect! If you insist on formal tea, along with proper pastries and sandwiches, then check out the local historic hotel.


Locale and time are the major factors in planning a menu. We’ve given other ideas above so it goes without saying that your location helps determine your meal. A grand meal is not expected especially if you plan on hosting your luncheon mid-afternoon. Keep your fussiness and worries aside comfort and enjoyment are key words here. Finger sandwiches are always a great choice along with an assortment of different pastries. Trays full of different fruits, veggies and cheeses are also classic choices.


This is the time to give gifts out to your oh-so very deserving maids. You labored in love picking out the right gift for each maid, now enjoy all of your hard work with the gift giving. Whether you choose to present each gift to the individual or place at their place setting. Do whatever suits your personality no one could possibly be offended at your gift-giving etiquette. Maybe you’ll pass them out as they exit and have a private thank you and hug. The choice is yours; just don’t forget this is a time for thanks and revelry.

So go ahead gather up all your girls enjoy, relax and eat!

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