Bridal Luncheon Tips – Part 1

A popular tradition is for the bride to host a luncheon or tea party.  Typically this event is held one to two days prior to the wedding date. The planning process for this event should be a fun, enjoyable experience. Do not let yourself become overwhelmed by having to put on yet another party. The process should not become a burden. Nor should you let the luncheon planning take much time away from all of your wedding planning. The bridal luncheon should be a time of relaxing treat this get together as an excuse to spend some extra one on one time with all of your ladies. And maybe cheat a little bit on that pre-wedding diet you’ve stuck yourself to.


Many brides still today choose to host a bridal luncheon or tea party. However many choose to switch tradition up a bit. Maybe you are a traditional girl and would like to host a formal lunch with crisp cloth napkins, beautiful china tea sets and tiny finger sandwiches. For the non-traditional bride, go ahead and throw out the rule book. Escort your gals out for sushi! It’s different, modern and hey, you’re still offering light snacks, tea and beautiful surroundings.


It’s your bash so invite who you want. But we suggest your maid of honor, all bridesmaids, and your flower girl. If you want, go ahead and invite immediate female family members also. Some brides choose to invite all females whom live quite far away as well so that you can squeeze in a little extra time with them. Again, this is your deal so no one should tell you who and who not to invite. You’ll probably want to keep your luncheon intimate, this isn’t the time to play perfect hostess rushing about and making sure everyone is having a good time. This is a time for you to relax with your ladies and reflect on your life up until this point. In case you were wondering, this is not an event you really need invitations for, unless you are planning a very formal lunch. However, you will want to purchase thank you notes, to send out after the honeymoon.

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