August Wedding Planning

Originally August was named Sextilis in Latin as it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman calendar.

While August is not technically considered the hottest month of the year it is quite often considered part of the dog days of summer. So again as we have said with July it’s best to consider hosting a wedding either in-doors or at a time when the sun is not so hot. Late morning brunch weddings are a perfect choice for August weddings. For the menu you can serve several types of fresh fruit and quiche. Supply a variety of breads including warm croissants and a few choice butters and spreads. Besides your typical morning drink choices, consider hiring a personal barista to serve gourmet coffees. Or have a bartender create your own signature mimosa.

August’s birthstone is recorded as being both the peridot and the onyx. Carry a clutch with an onx design or clasp, or look for a veil with peridot look-a-like gems sprinkled across it. The gems will catch the light and cast a beautiful sparkle.

The birth flowers are recorded as being the gladiolus and the poppy. Red poppies in particular are said to be symbols of true love and pleasure. They are beautiful and vibrant flowers. They are also a very recognizable flower. While gladiolus comes in a wide variety of colors, they may not be the easiest flower to carry as a bouquet. However, this tall slender flower would make a beautiful addition to any centerpiece. A towering flower with plentiful blooms makes it a nice flower to build around when arranging.

August means summer is starting to wind down and so have favors that include fun in the sun items. Offer up personalized bottle of water and sunscreen with your names and date or personal logo. Cute and goofy sunglasses imprinted with your names and date would serve as fun tokens of appreciation. There is always the option of giving away flip flops which is a generous way of suggesting that your guests need to kick off their heels and dance the night away.

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