Quick Tips for Assembling Wedding Invitations

We often receive questions from brides seeking the proper etiquette guidelines for stuffing wedding invitations. And in fact, there is a certain “protocol” for assembling your invites and placing them in the envelopes. While we always include a fully assembled sample in every order to serve as a visual reference, here are a few tips to streamline the process:

1. Layer accessory pieces from largest to smallest on top of the invitation.

2. Place your invitation with the accessory pieces into the inner envelope so that the printed side of the invitation faces the back side of the inner envelope.

3. The inner envelope is inserted into the outer envelope in the same manner, with the front side of the inner envelope (with the guests’ names) facing the back side of the outer envelope.

If you keep in mind that, when a guest opens the envelopes, the printed side should always be what is seen first, this will be an easy trick to remember!

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