Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding – Decor, Favors and Menu


Choose place card holders in red hearts or tiny teacups. For little lighting you almost have to go with twinkle lights! Pom pom balls in varying colors and hanging from different heights is certainly the way to go.

Wooden sign posts seem to be ever popular at weddings and they really do serve a purpose. So go ahead and make one with arrows pointing the way and displaying information. Such as “dance here” and “eat here”.

Centerpieces would be beautiful made of extra large teacups filled to the brim with anything your hare desires, from flowers to candies.  Or, if you have the time and patience you could try your hand at making super mini, hedge mazes to place in the center of the tables.

Playing card garlands, and a game of croquet would make wonderful decorations particularly at an outdoor reception.


Wow, favor selections for this theme are abundant. Try out:

  • Flavored tea bags with personalized tags
  • Mini bags of cookies labeled “eat me” and or tiny bottles of (whatever drink you desire) labeled “drink me”
  • Teacup shaped votive candle holders
  • Personalized playing cards
  • Personalized pocket watches (with your wedding date)


You could choose to offer a meal sure to fit a queen with several courses, with your menu full of fancy dishes (or at least fancy sounding) to serve to all of your royal guests. Or opt for a lot of finger foods like you would find accompanying a tea party. Either way you choose, consider giving your traditional meal foods silly names. For after dinner instead of mints, serve small pieces of marzipan shaped into miniature toadstools

And the cake, well, a fairly newer style of cake called the ‘whimsy cake’ sometimes named ’topsy-turvy’ is just certainly the way to go. These cakes are designed to look well, lopsided and are sure to fit your Alice theme no matter what route you go.

Pink & Black Topsy Turvy Cake


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