A Valentine’s Day Wedding

Are you planning on having a Valentine’s Day wedding but are being hassled on how cliché’ and over the top childlike Valentine’s Day weddings can be? Or you are being told that your anniversary will be meaningless as it will take place on Valentine’s Day which is a day that everyone shares?

Stop worrying; there is nothing wrong with a Valentine’s Day wedding. It is after all a day set aside for love! So why not choose this day to celebrate the love you have not only for your mate but, for your family and friends as well.

We agree that Valentine’s Day weddings can seem overdone or cheesy so we would like to offer some of the best ideas we have for a beautiful and elegant Valentine wedding.

Hands down the best way to begin planning a Valentine’s Day wedding is to begin meditating on the word subtle.

Simply add touches here and there that reflect your theme. Be careful when choosing shades that are in the same family as typical colors you see around this holiday.

Try a romantic color palette like deep crimson red and soft pearl accents make a clean and simple statement. A great way on how to use this palette is by mixing crisp pearl colored linens with deep crimson table runners, keeping things elegant and romantic instead of your mother’s fears that a Valentine’s Day wedding is going to appear like a third grade classroom on the day you pass out Valentine’s cards.

For a more fun look choose an array of several shades of rich pinks, roses, and wines fused together accompanied with accents of a bright white. Group together various pink shaded Zinnias in your bouquet and tie off with long flowing silver and white ribbon.

Simple touches to add a V-day reflection would be:

  • Bright red shoes for you
  • Red sashes on crème dresses for your maids
  • A bright red crinoline (for those daring brides out there)
  • Red Chuck Taylors (for whomever)
  • Silver heart shaped lockets for your maid’s jewelry
  • White candles tied with red ribbon

As far as your flowers are concerned unless you have a pretty big floral budget do not order roses. Yes, these are the Valentine’s Day flower and yes, of course they are beautiful but this time of year the price for roses jumps through the roof. You may want to take into consideration Zinnias which come in several different shades of red, wine and pinks. Or tulips which also come in beautiful shades of pink and red.

For a Valentine’s Day wedding, we challenge you to resist hosting a candy bar or dessert table. This is the time of year when your sweet-tooth is honored– nay encouraged. So go wild and place truffles, and other delectable treats like petit fours on top of white dollies. Or opt to offer up a grown up style candy shop. Display candies from your childhood or several candies displayed in your wedding colors

For favors you could give out heart shaped measuring spoons with a recipe for your favorite sweet treat. You could offer small heart shaped boxes of candy. Or send them home with individual packets of coffee along with chocolate dipped spoons. If you don’t think everyone will enjoy coffee you can send them out with hot chocolate packages and heart shaped marshmallows.



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