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Reception: Toasting Tips – Part 1

Writing a toast can be a difficult task no matter how eloquent of a speaker you are. So over the next few weeks we thought we’d give you some tips on writing and delivering your speech. Whether you are the Bride or the Best Man, following these tips should help you “wow’ your audience. Who
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Reception: What is a Toast Anyway – Part 2

There are various rules on what is and is not acceptable to drink. While you would most often be drinking champagne or some other form of sparkling wine. If you do not it is acceptable to drink sparkling fruit juices or water. You should however always at least take a drink of something. To have
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Reception: What is a Toast Anyway – Part 1

A toast is a ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of honor. Typically a toast is a speech wherein the toaster makes wishes or blessings upon another person. A lot of the time the wishes or blessings will be for things such as health, lots of children or wealth. Always after
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