Winter Wedding Theme – Part 1

There are several advantages at having a winter wedding. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons, and added some tips on how to pull off a blissful winter wedding!

Having your wedding in the winter may mean that the popular dream location you’ve had your heart on will be available, as the spring and summer months are more popular months for weddings and receptions. Be sure to ask about discounts, many locations offer promotions for events in the winter as this time is considered off-season for most venues.

A beautiful snow covered landscape can make a glorious backdrop for your big day. Just make sure you understand the climate and behavior of the area where you are having your wedding. Instead of a white winter wonderland, it could warm up right after a heavy snow and you could be looking at a muddy and mushy terrain. On the other hand you could have to deal with ice which means dangerous road conditions. If you live somewhere, that has very cold winters you’ll know what to expect. Don’t worry to much just make sure to keep this information in the back of your mind.

Keep in mind that if you are having a Christmas wedding some guests may not enjoy having to delay their usual holiday plans in order to attend a wedding. The time of year near the holidays can be an expensive time to travel so, if family will already be in town try having the wedding a few days before or after, in lieu of on an actual holiday itself.

Wedding Invitations:

Opt for invitations in shades of stark bright white with accents of golds and silvers. Our Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations are a terrific choice for a winter wedding. Have a jolly good time with your invitation and response card wording. Perfect examples would be:


 The weather outside might be frightful,
but our wedding will be delightful!
We hope you will join us as we
are married on
City, State

Response Card:

The season won’t be jolly without you!
Please respond by Date
___We’ll be there with bells on!
___Wrapped up somewhere else

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