What to Do if the Wedding is Cancelled – Part 1

The last thing you want to think about is canceling your wedding, but it can happen. The first thing you will need to do is inform all of your guests of the cancellation. Out of town- guests should be informed first so that they can change or cancel their travel and lodging arrangements. A formal cancellation announcement should be sent to everyone you sent an invitation to. Word it in a similar manner as your wedding invitations, from the hosts who issued it. For example. if the bride’s parents issued the invitation, you could word the announcement as follows:

Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson
announce that the marriage of their daughter
Stacie Marie
Michael Edward Gentry
will not take place

If the wedding is cancelled too close to the wedding date, there will be no time for you to issue a formal announcement. You will need to telephone everyone on your guest list and let them know that the wedding has been cancelled.

The next thing you will need to do is cancel any bookings made with vendors, caterers, florists, musicians. etc. The sooner this is done, the better. Check your contracts to determine what your cancellation fees will be. You should be able to get back a percentage of your deposits. depending on how far the cancellation is from your wedding. The earlier you notify the vendor, the better, as they may be able to book some other event in place of yours and you may he able to get more of our money back. Ultimately, someone is going to get stuck with the bill. Costs incurred by the cancellation of a wedding should really be covered by whoever broke off the engagement. However, if the person who breaks off the engagement refuses, you can opt to sue them, but bear in mind that you may not necessarily win. It is hard to legally prove who is responsible in a situation like this. Also, if you purchased wedding insurance, most policies will only pay out if the wedding was cancelled due to illness, death or disaster. So don’t expect them to pay if you have changed your minds.

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