Western Themed Wedding Ideas – Part 3


A single Sunflower would add a bright splash of color without having to carry a large bouquet. It’s easy to recognize the beauty of this large flower when it stands alone.

Dahlias are flowers that are known to grow in the west. They come in a wide variety of colors and petal shapes.

Small bunches of wildflowers tied with ribbon to represent the fields of wildflowers often found in western countryside.


Your color palette can vary depending on how you want to incorporate the western feel.

A few different ideas include:

  • Use checkerboard or gingham table cloths in shades of red and blue. Place small votive candles inside mason jars and set them out on tables.
  • Use bandanas for a million different things! Try them as napkins, placemats, or tie them into bows on the back of chairs.
  • Signs tacked on to large bales of hay directing guests where to go serve as very easy to spot direction signs.
  • Don’t forget to pick up some medium size galvanized pails. Fill them with flowers, small plants or sweet treats. If you choose to place food in the pails check to see if they are food safe. Many are not and if you would like to fill them with any type of vittles make sure they are wrapped.

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