Western Themed Wedding Ideas – Part 1

Simple design and a not so stuffy feel are just a few of the reasons people seem drawn to western weddings. Possibly you grew up in the west or maybe just dreaming that you had. Theme weddings are all about small individual things that coming together to complete your whole look.  We will be posting articles the rest of this week on ideas for a western themed wedding.  Here are some ideas in regards to the wedding invitations, clothing, and hair and makeup.


Because wedding invitations are the first things your guests see they set the tone or in this case theme of your wedding. Be sure to incorporate colors that make us think of the West. Such as: golds, browns, reds, denims, and copper and bronze.

Have fun with your invitation wording. Start things off with phrases such as: “Please join the round-up of friends and kin to celebrate the day our new life will begin.” or, “The woo’in and the courtin’s done Our life together has begun.”

Play around with kitschy verbiage on your response card as well. Instead of the same old will accept and will not accept, try something like: “Yee-ha! We’ll be there with our boots on” and “Aw, shoot! We can’t make it”


The sky really is the limit when dealing with the vast amount of western attire offered to us. The men could wear vests over plain dress shirts with wrangler jeans.

Your maids could wear sundresses or the increasingly popular apron dress. Of course cowboy boots are a terrific choice for footwear and will be much more comfortable if you are out on the range where heels would be difficult to maneuver

Hair and Makeup:

Keep your hair and all of the ladies hair natural and soft. A loose up do with a few ringlets. A side-swept pony tail with a few romantic curls. Or if you want the look of just having jumped off the saddle, a tightly secured braid.

Of course there is always the option of putting a hat on. This is one time ladies and gentleman you can wear hats at a formal event! Many places sell cowgirl hats with veils attached.

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