Welcoming Out of Town Guests

Welcome bags are a terrific way to treat your out of town guests with a touch of comfort. Base your basket quantity according to the reservation details i.e. one bag per room and tweak depending on your male to female ratio in each room. Some may be a group of the groom’s single buddies sharing a room and splitting the cost.

Some hotels (okay most) will prefer to hand deliver the bags themselves so be sure to get them to the hotel early. Make certain you, the concierge, and management are all on the same page prior to the drop off. Good communication is key to planning a wedding!

You can tweak and primp your bags best to you liking. They can be very simple or loaded down like a swag bag at the grammys. Keep things consistent every bag gets the same basic things with a few things to make tailored to your unique taste.

Fill the bag with a selection of things like:

  • Breath mints -Lots of mingling at the wedding and reception means nice breath is a must.
  • Tissue- In case anyone gets choked up at weddings or if outdoors has an allergy attack, oh, no!
  • Aspirin- To aid in headaches, hangovers, etc.
  • Band aids- Because every time you need them, they aren’t there.
  • Wedding Itinerary-Let them know who, what, where, and when!
  • A local map and list of nearby attractions- If applicable make notes on the maps such as a sticker marking the street the bride grew up on or circle the historic downtown park where the couple’s first kiss occurred.
  • Sunscreen- Can’t go without it at outdoor weddings.
  • Bottled wear- You can’t go wrong with bottled water and you can add those cute personalized labels to make them all your own.
  • A small bag of cookies from a local bakery- Aside from the fact that everyone loves cookies it helps give them a bit of comfort and let’s them experience the taste of a place.

Possibilities are endless so look for something new, something different, something that really speaks to them about who you two are as a couple.

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