Wedding Theme Ideas

If you want your wedding to be a little different and not the traditional wedding with the long white gown, tuxes, the church, etc., you might consider having a theme wedding. You can personalize your wedding with a theme and really have your personalities come through. Here are a few themes to consider:

Historical Wedding Theme

If there is a particular era in history that you and your fiancé enjoy, consider a wedding set in your favorite period from history. Some of the most popular eras to choose from are Medieval, Renaissance, Roman & Greek, and Victorian.

Celestial Wedding Theme

Reach for the moon, sun and stars; take a trip through our galaxy with this out-of-this world wedding.

Holiday/Seasonal Wedding Theme

Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas are some of the most popular holidays to base your theme on.

Country and Western Wedding Theme

For all the cowboys and cowgirls who enjoy the Wild West or their little corner of the country, a western theme might be the perfect fit.

Beach Theme Wedding

Tropical themes, ocean or seaside themes and nautical themes are fairly popular with destination weddings and those getting married on a beach.

Fairy Tale Wedding / Fantasy Theme Wedding

Your wedding would be all about fairy tales and fantasy. Decorations and favors would spotlight mythical or supernatural creatures, such as fairies, dragons, wizards and angels.

Cultural and Heritage Wedding Theme

Asian/oriental, Irish, African, Hawaiian etc. are a few of the most common cultural and heritage wedding themes.

No matter what theme you decide on, let your imaginations soar. Go all out and have fun with it. Incorporate your theme into every part of the wedding, from the wedding invitations, to the dresses, decorations and even the cups and napkins. Remember this is your big day; make your theme wedding a day that your guests will remember for years to come!

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