Wedding Stationery Definitions L-Z

  • Layered Invitation-An invitation that consists of layers of paper tied or glued together. The top layer is usually made of transparent vellum and the bottom layer is a single panel card. The transparent vellum gives a muted version of the lower layer.
  • Lined Envelope-A colored lining on the invitation’s inner envelope.
  • Middle Panel Copy-It is a term we use to indicate that the invitation you have chosen has a place on the middle panel for the bride and groom’s names and or a verse.
  • Paragraph Form-An invitation wording style with indented paragraphs and even margins. It is not typically used on invitations with a border. This format is considered less formal.
  • Parchment-A transparent paper made to look like original parchment. This distinctive paper adds a softening effect to any invitation.
  • Pearl Embossed-A process that applies a luminous pearl-like finish to the embossed part of an invitation.
  • Place Card-A small card set at a table place setting designating seating for the reception.
  • Proof-A sample of what your order will look like, before it is printed. It allows you to "proofread" the printer’s work before it goes to press. Traditionally, this has been accomplished by providing a "hard-copy".
  • Reception Card-This is a card enclosed with the invitation that notifies guests of the time and place of your reception.
  • Respond Card-The respond card is filled out by the guest and returned so that you will have an accurate count of how many will be attending the ceremony and reception. Before you include this in your invitation it is customary to put return postage on its envelope.
  • Respond Envelope Copy-Respond envelope copy is the name and address you want printed on your respond envelopes.
  • Return Address on Back Flap of Envelope-Your return address printed on the back flap of the outer invitation envelope
  • Save the Date Card-A card sent out 8-12 months before your wedding, letting guests know of your upcoming event. If you plan to have your wedding close to a holiday, or at a destination site, Save The Date Cards wiil be a courtesy to your guests. This will give them plenty of time to make work and travel arrangements.
  • Soft White-A rich, creamy vanilla-colored paper that has the look of timeless elegance.
  • Thank You Card-A thank you note is handwritten and should mention the gift that was given. This will let them know your appreciation of their thoughtful gift. It can be printed with your name, monogram or Thank You.
  • Thermography-The process of creating raised lettering by applying a powder to the freshly laid ink and fusing it to the paper through the application of heat. The ink rests on the paper, it is not pressed into it.
  • Tri-Fold-When a sheet of paper is folded twice to create a three-paneled invitation. Both outside panels are folded inward to cover the center panel.
  • Vellum-A finish applied to paper in the paper making process. It is a toothy finish, applied to increase the absorption rate of ink. It is generally available in higher quality papers. It has nothing to do with a paper’s weight, color or opacity.
  • Z-Fold-Created when a sheet of paper is folded twice in accordion fashion to form a three-paneled invitation.

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