Wedding Photography Checklist – The Bride

Over the next two weeks, we will be posting a photography checklist for each of the major parts of your wedding, including the bride, the groom, the ceremony, the reception and more.

The Bride

  • Bride dressing for wedding
  • Mother helping Bride put on veil
  • Bride-full length
  • Bride-half length
  • Bride-close up
  • Bride with mother-full length
  • Bride with mother-close up
  • Bride with father-full length
  • Bride with father-close up
  • Bride with both parents-full length
  • Bride with both parents-close up
  • Bride with grandparents-full length
  • Bride with grandparents-close up
  • Bride with sister(s)-full length
  • Bride with sister(s)-close up
  • Bride with brother(s)-full length
  • Bride with brother(s)-close up
  • Bride with immediate family
  • Bride with maid/matron of honor-full length
  • Bride with maid/matron of honor-close up
  • Bride with her attendants-full length
  • Bride with her attendants-close up
  • Bride with flower girl
  • Bride with ring bearer 

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