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Over the next week, we will be providing a small glossary of the most common terms you will hear when looking at wedding dresses. Choosing your dress is one of the most important pieces of planning your wedding. Use this as a guide so that when the ladies at the dress shop pull out their wedding dress jargon, you can keep up!

Dress Styles


The mermaid style dress is cut as the name suggests. Tight and cinched to the body, the fabric hugs you from the bust to just about the knee. Below the knee the dress begins to flare out into the skirt. You can choose a small skirt or a large trumpet skirt depending on your tastes and movement preferences. This style is very clingy, and very unforgiving. With that said, confidence is key with this look as it does accentuate every curve.

Ball Gown

Ball gowns allude to a fairy tale style wedding. Grand and beautiful ball gowns are known as a formal option. These dresses have a fitted bodice which is completed with a large full skirt. The full skirt typically has layer after layer of fabric. Because the top of the dress is fitted and the bottom fans out, this is a terrific choice for women with a pear shaped body.


This style is fitted at the bodice and then begins to gently flow out toward the ground. When the gown is gazed upon straight ahead it appears to look like the letter “A,” hence the name. This style of dress can be designed to fit into any style wedding, from traditional to ultra hip and modern. This style can be made with just about any type of fabric and still maintain its signature cut. This gown design tends to look terrific on all body types. The long lines of the A-line dress help accentuate your body’s natural shape.


This style is known for a high waistline that is just below your natural bust line. Then the rest of the dress gracefully flows out from under your waistline. This style can be altered and modified to hide or reveal different body features. Empire waists allow for different skirt styles. Contoured or full these gowns can accommodate any type of fabric. Choose silk, lace, or satin you can even choose to have the skirt done in several thin layers.

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