Wedding Dress Styles – Veils

Here is a list of various types of wedding dress veils:



As the name alludes, this veil just barely extends down to your elbow. This is a nice option if you wish to have a veil but are having a fairly casual wedding or just do not want the added weight of a long heavy veil.


The blusher is a single layer veil that is worn over your face during the ceremony. This is typically brushed back by the father of the bride after the ceremony. Sometimes brides will choose to have a two layer veil with the blusher on top and when lifted it will lay back over the longer veil behind it.


The chapel veil reaches about 2 1/2 yards behind your headpiece and cascades down over your train. Typically chosen for very formal weddings a long train adds a nice complement to the gowns with long trains.

Make sure to try on all types of styles. You may have had your heart set on one style only to find out that another style looks wonderful on you. Dresses are made to be worn not just looked at on a rack. Make sure to choose one you feel confident and gorgeous in. The more beautiful you feel the more beautiful you will look.

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